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We have travelled far to find places that inherit both, timeless beauty as well as rarity, that are well accessible but remote at the same time, that became legends but still have virgin land to discover. We remain on our search for the most beautiful places to create bespoke homes.

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Tranquility and comfort, moments together, the feeling of belonging. It’s a deep desire, a primal instinct that draws us to this one place over and over again: Home. We asked ourselves, what’s the difference between a house and a home. The answer is: spending time with the people we love. With family and friends. But also privacy, silence, disconnecting from our fast-paced lives, to calm down. What region could be better suited for such a place than the idyllic and multifaceted Kitzbühel Alps. Total decoupling is just as possible as enjoying an exclusive lifestyle or a bit of both. To craft truly sublime living experiences, we have assembled a devoted team of experts from all over the world, sharing their passion for creating homes that distinguish themselves

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We chose a different approach to project development. For us, true luxury means celebrating simple things, reinventing the obvious, and deviating from standardized comfort. This is what differentiates us from creating luxury at first sight. We make long-lasting luxury that requires courage, patience and true dedication. Every home we craft is unique, and we never compromise when it comes to our mission to create homes that become places for life-long memories. For us, architecture and design must go hand in hand to ensure the highest quality standards. Therefore, we invented a holistic approach to project development. Our fully integrated value chain ensures the highest quality standards on all levels and in all details - all planned and executed in-house.

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